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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Dream Book – to Make Your Dream Come True

I like to write everything. And I want to make my dreams come true. Then I create THE DREAM BOOK. My dream book helps me to make it true when I read my dream book I always imagine what step I should take to make it true. Let me explain how it works. Previously, I did not believe that by writing my dreams on a book, you will keep in your mind how to reach your dream one by one, step by step. But I do proved it. My husband called it ‘PSYCHO CYBERNOTIC’, whatever he called it ;-))My first dream is I WANT TO BE A NOVELIST. I made a copy of my favourite novel’s cover ( It was Sidney Sheldon I choosed for my dream book ), She is one of my favourite novelist when I was in the senior high school. Though the magazine never published my story, I keep writing poems and story because everytime I read my dream book, I believe that someday a magazine will published it. In year 2003, my dream come true, a young famous novelist, Eka Kurniawan published my story together with his story in one booklet “Sirkus Senyum”. Though I got nothing, I did not got royalty but I was happy. I know I can do and I believe it. In year 2005, I won writing competition which held by local government and I became runner up with my writing “Saving Energy, why not ?”.And now I have my own blog, my online book, every one can read it, post any comments if any , also he or she can enjoy the photo gallery which contents great moments I got from my traveling.My second dream is I WANT TO BE A GOOD ORGANIZER , this is part of my job and I had proved to my previous bos ( now he moved to Slovakia ) that I can do what he wants me to do. I became an organizer for cutting dies warehouse lay out project, for special production support project and as of today as organizer for Technical Issue of Achilles Corporation. My third dream is I WANT TO GO TO JAPAN. I almost become desperate person when I failed to pass the Monbusho Scholarship ( a scholarship which provide by Japan Education Ministery ). I buried my dream to go to Japan until one day when there was Asian Conference in the office, Mr. Umezawa the General Manager of Ecco-Achilles Factory in Japan and Mr Flemming Larsen the President Director of Ecco Indonesia decided to give me opportunity to have Technical Training in Achilles Factory in Japan. I could not speak any single word, I could not believe it, until Mr. Umezawa said “this is real” and he smiled at me. I was an unimportant staff then suddenly Mr. Flemming Larsen asked me to join that Conference. On May 2004, I went to Ashikaga where Achilles Factory lies and got Technical Training for 2 weeks. Also, I did Market research at Tokyo ( Ginza, Shinjuku etc ).My fourth dream is I WANT TO HAVE A NOTE BOOK , a laptop I bought when I was in Japan, not new one ( my friend who live in Tokyo bought it for me from Akihabara, thanks mate ) but it is good enough to save my data, play my favourite CD etc. A COMPAQ ARMADA 1500 with Intel Celerone inside.See….all of my dreams come true. One of my dream….I put my best friend GMAT photo and I do hope that someday I can meet him. He is a good guy, wise and funny.Hmmm….my next dream ? I just thinking what’s next ;-))

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