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Monday, 3 March 2008

A Japanese Lesson 1

I’m very glad that Aonuma-san ( he was Logistic Manager in Achilles Corp ), has plenty of time to teach me some famous japanese words I never get it before when I was in college to learn Japanese. His English is excellent so he can teach me and Hari, my colleague, those nice words
Every weekend he will send us an email content of those famous words, see below

Lesson no. 1
今日はさむいですか。Kyou wa samui desuka ? ( is it cold today ? )This word I used to say to the Japanese people I met. But Aonuma-san has taught me other words to express the same thing.
In Japan, a cold day continues by this winter. The temperature of this morning of the factory area is below the freezing point. I today pick up a Japanese dialect in this leasson.
"SAMUI" さむい means "cold" in English, and it is said "SHIBARERU" しばれる or "CYAPPUI"ちゃっぷいin the dialect. These words are used as follows: Is it cold today? -->"Kyou wa chappui?" 今日はちゃっぷい。 or "Kyou wa shibareru?"今日はしばれる。

Lesson no. 2
This week's lesson is the word which is used well by beautiful female high school students in Japan.
"Bimyo"びみょ - びみょ~ or ビミョ~ or It's in the gray area./So-so.../Can't tell!/I don't know about that!, a former plan is not yet fixed, and it is a colloquialism to be able to use immediately at time when it is not possible for an answer when anything is uncertain and is doubtful.

Lesson no. 3
Today's Japanese Lesson is: "Obei ka!おべいか。" (pronounced "oh-bay-car!")"Obei ka!", おべいか。 is the catchphrase of a Japanese comedy duo Taka and Toshi,who began their career in 1994 and finally became very popular last year.
"Obei ka!" おべいか。 literally means "You're not from the Western society!", but to make it sound more simple, let's just say "You are not an American!" in this article. In a typical Taka and Toshi skit, Taka acts as if he was an American. Then Toshi tells him not to be silly by saying "Obei ka! おべいか。(You are not an American!)" because they are both, obviously, Japanese and not American.

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